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Miro Films is a creative film production company based in Melbourne. Our video production services include idea generation and script development, live-action filming, motion graphics, animation and all post production. We are a leading choice of film production, educational video and web video production in Melbourne, producing numerous successful videos ranging from small to large businesses, professional organisations and government departments.

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New release for Ethics Videos

New release for Ethics Videos

Three new one-hour Ethics Video productions for peak law body Miro Films has completed a further three online videos/DVDs for the Law Institute of Victoria for its Ethics Video collection. This years production includes three separate DVDs-the general Ethics Videos joined by a special production for Corporate Lawyers and Government lawyers. Each year the Law Institute takes thousands of calls from lawyers across the state, the regions, the cities, and the suburbs with questions on ethical conduct. How should they handle a situation? What should they do here? There can be many areas of ethical conduct for lawyers which can’t be answered definitively. Rather the Law Institute, provides callers with simple logical solutions and advice to help them with what can be sometimes very troubling and difficult problems. read...

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Miro launches new ART Bubbles project on InsideArt.tv

Miro launches new ART Bubbles project on InsideArt.tv

Miro Films has launched a new series of video shorts – ARTBubbles – on the InsideArt.tv website. The new series will be produced in 3-5minute segments and will be uploaded weekly on InsideArt. The new program will showcase leading Australian artists talking freely and unfiltered about their work, their life and their passions. It’s art from the artists’ perspective. ARTBubbles will be written, directed and produced by Michel Lawrence. read...

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Law Institute taps Miro Films for Educational Videos

Law Institute taps Miro Films for Educational Videos

Miro Films has just completed a slate of 4 major productions for The Law Institute of Victoria in a major revamp of the Institute’s online and hard copy educational video program. Professor Nahum Mushin is one of the featured panellists on the new CPD video on legal ethics for the Law Institute of Victoria. The Law Institute of Victoria tapped Miro Films for the new educational videos because of its great heritage in the  arts and education documentary field. read...

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What our supporters say

Don't just take our word for it: here's what people in the know think!

“Michel has even made legal ethics a must-see for our members with a video that has become a popular best seller in the Law Institute Bookshop.”

Nerida Wallace, CEO Law Institute of Victoria

‘The importance of these photos (Indian Aussies) is very substantial… very striking images and all of that has impact…It’s such a direct communication, an unmediated connection, you get a level of authenticity…”

Peter Varghese AO (DFAT) Foreign Affairs

“The (All of Us) images were absolutely beautiful and to place them on the façade (of Fed Sq) gave us an opportunity to create an intersection between art and the façade in a way that we had never had before!”

Kate Brennan CEO FedSq (2005-2013)

“ All of Us was an amazing, huge WIN for us!

And it evolved because of the relationship we had with Michel Lawrence and because of the work he had done with the community.”

George Lekakis 

Chair Vic Multicultural Commission

“Michel’s ability to interview is enhanced by his unique and relaxed technique, bringing out the best in each interviewee. (His) quirky camera angles, combined with masterful lighting enhance the production…”

Rob Imhoff  Director and Photographer

“Michel Lawrence’s highly cost-effective ‘concept to finished video’ process tightly supports his intimate, engaging technique. His photographer’s eye delivers values only seen in the work of much larger studios.”

Michael Hall Seecue Pty Ltd

“…no-one in this space better understands people and how to portray them. There’s no hubris with Michel, just absolute dedication to delivering exceptional projects.”

Jane Seaborn

Landscape Research + Communications

“… this documentary (Off The Wall) is a really important piece of history.

There hasn’t been a documentary like this for a very long time…”


Internationally acclaimed Street Artist

  • “Michel Lawrence makes beautiful things!”
  • Indian Aussies:”Important photos deliver authenticity and impact!”
  • All of Us and Fed Sq was a “perfect coming together”
  • VMC declares All of Us ” an amazing huge win”
  • “Michel Lawrence has never ceased to amaze me…” Rob Imhoff
  • Michel Lawrence’s Miro Films  delivers cost effective video with high production values
  • Michel Lawrence offers a unique combination of visual creativity, digital savvy, practicality and flexibility
  • Adnate – Street Artist talks about Off The Wall

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Michel Lawrence

Michel Lawrence

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Ron Killeen

Ron Killeen

Web Master

Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison

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